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A retractable extension cord comes in very handy when you want to power devices whose cords aren’t long enough to reach a power outlet in the house or garage.

Its adjustable length basically allows you to use electrical appliances anywhere. You can power your electric lawn mower, pressure washer, chain saw, router, power drill, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, table saw, and other electrical powered tools and equipment.

Basically, a retractable extension cord provides you with the functionality of a regular cord but with the added benefit of being able to retract it and also provide a compact storage for the full length of the cord.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Retractable Extension Cord:


Retractable extension cords come in a variety of sizes. They range from 30ft all the way to 100ft. If you intend to use the cord to power outdoor devices like lawnmowers, leaf blowers or pressure washers, I recommend choosing a longer cord.

Wire Gauge

Wire gauge is simply the measurement of a wire’s diameter. Typically, the gauge is used to determine the amount of electrical current a wire can safely carry as well as its weight and electrical resistance. Strangely, the bigger the gauge of the wire, the smaller the diameter and the smaller the amount of current it will carry and vice versa. For example, an 18-gauge cord is thinner compared to a 12-gauge cord. A 12-gauge will handle more current compared to an 18 gauge wire.

Amperage of the Tools you Intend to Use

The size or gauge of the cord you choose must provide enough current to power your equipment. Different electric tools and equipment have different amps ratings. For example a Circular Saw uses between 12-15 amps and thus requires a 12-gauge cord which passes more current compared to thinner wires

Best Retractable Extension Cord (Our Top 10 Picks)

Black and yellow retractable extensions cord reel 40ft

40 Feet

Forge Cable Store Retractable Extension Cord Reel

A heavy-duty 12-gauge 40 feet automatically retractable cord, the Forge Cable Store cord reel is an excellent choice for powering high power tools like lawn mowers, outdoor vacuums, circular saws and more.

This budget-friendly cord comes in various sizes to match your needs. The longest cord is 40ft 12/3 gauge followed by 30ft 16/3 gauge.

It’s a 3-wire power cord that will work with 125V electrical tools and equipment and will run 14 amp tools safely and continuously.

The cord comes with a 3-prong grounded plug as well as a circuit breaker for added safety and peace of mind. The 3 outlets allow for simultaneous multiple use while the LED lighted plugs indicate when current is flowing through.

Additional features include a mounting bracket that lets you attach the reel to the wall or garage ceiling and reinforced blades for preventing the prongs breaking or bending. The cord also features a vinyl covering that makes it water and oil resistant.

Overall, this is an excellent choice power cord for high-power electrical tools and equipment. It’s budget-friendly too.


·        Automatically retractable cord
·        Simultaneous multiple use
·        Perfect for running all types of power tools and other high-power equipment
·        Ideal length for outdoor use
·        Includes a circuit breaker and 3-prong grounded plug for safety
·        Water and oil resistant


·        Few complaints about the mounting screws being too weak, but you could use other screws if necessary

ReelWorks 40Ft extension cord retractable

40 Feet

ReelWorks – CR605131S3A Extension Cord Reel Retractable

The ReelWorks CR605131S3A Retractable Extension Cord Reel is a 40 foot long cord that delivers an input current of up to 15 amps, making it suitable for supplying high-power electric tools and equipment- both domestic and industrial. From circular saws, drills to household/commercial vacuums, this model is just what you need.

The cord is not as long as most of the models we’ve reviewed but it does still allow you to power your devices situated some distance away from the AC outlet.

It includes a circuit breaker to protect both the reel and your equipment and also features an adjustable cable stopper that locks the cable at any desired length.

The cord is rated 15A, 1875W,125VAC, and 60HZ, not to mention that it utilizes a 3-prong plug.

This 40 ft long cord is also resistant to water, oil, acids, alkalis, ozone, and kinking and is best suited for both indoor and outdoor use as well as industrial applications.

It’s a cheap retractable cord with great functionality and durability that will make your projects a lot easier.

Notice Title

·        Perfect for high-power tools and equipment
·        Quality tested and fully certified
·        Built to last thanks to its protective cover that is resistant to countless elements
·        Easily locks the cord at any desired length for ease of use
·        Circuit breaker prevents damage to the reel and your equipment
·        Lightweight and compact
·        Budget-friendly


·        Few complaints about retraction issues

Black and blue retractable extensions cord 50Ft

50 Feet

CopperPeak Retractable Extension Cord Reel

This cord is 50ft long. So if you need to power tools/equipment that are a little bit further like a lawn mower, the CopperPeak 50 ft Extension Cord is an excellent choice.

This 50 feet 12-gauge cable can handle a 13 amps load without popping the circuit breaker, making it a suitable portable power solution for high-power appliances. The LED indicator lets you know that power is on while the reset button provides extra safety. It also features a power on/off switch that lets you easily control the power.

The cord also features a 180 degree swivel that allows you to easily pull and release the cord from multiple directions while mounted to the wall or ceiling. The adjustable stopper helps keep the extension cable at the desired length while the sturdy and durable polypropylene case is water and oil resistant.

Overall, the CopperPeak 50ft cord is a suitable choice if you’re looking to replace your old extension cable. It’s easy to use, long-lasting, and greatly reduces the risk of electrical cables lying on the floor.


·        Lightweight and portable
·        High input current for high-power tools and equipment
·        Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling
·        Built to last
·        Cord is water and oil-resistant
·        Circuit breaker prevents damage to your tools and the reel


·        Some people report possible wind up issues

Red and Black ReelWorks Heavy Duty Extension Cord 65 ft

65 Feet

ReelWorks CR625201S3A Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

The ReelWorks CR625201S3A is a heavy-duty 65 foot long cord that brings power to your tools and equipment whenever and wherever you need it.

As a 12-gauge cord, it’s perfect for powering all types of high-power tools like lawn mowers, circular saws, leaf blowers, and even household/industrial vacuum cleaners.

At 65 feet, the cord is really long and features a spring-driven retractable feature with latch. It helps keep the cable where you want it and also retracts back for easy storage.

The swivel bracket allows for quick mounting on the wall, ceiling, or floor while the durable, impact-resistant polypropylene case lets you quickly store it away when not in use. You’ll never again have to deal with tangled electrical cords on the floor.

For safety and durability, the cord is constructed with thermoplastic/vinyl material that allows it to withstand extreme temperature.

It’s budget-friendly and a long-lasting solution powering electrical tools and equipment for use anywhere in the house or outside.


·        Heavy-duty 12 gauge cord with an input current of 15A, making it suitable for powering all high-power tools/equipment
·        Thick construction for safety and durability
·        Resistant to water and oil
·        Tangle-free storage
·        Easy winding and hassle-free retraction
·        Easy ceiling or wall mounting


·       Its plastic case can sometimes not be the most durable

Silver and black retractable Extension Cord 65ft

65 Feet

TACKLIFE Retractable Extension Cord, 65FT+4.5FT Electric Cord Reel

With a 65ft cord length and a 4.5ft lead-in power cord, the TACKLIFE extension cord gives you the ultimate convenience taking power to wherever you need to get work done.

This cord can be easily mounted in the ceiling, wall, or any other desired location and with its seamless automatic retraction, the cord is safely reeled without risking any damage.

The cord reel can be easily rotated up to 180 degrees for multidirectional use. The circuit breaker protects your equipment by ensuring that the rated current or voltage of the power cord is not exceeded.

Built to last, this cord is completely water and oil resistant and is also tough enough to withstand even the toughest temperatures. It’s a UL, ETL, and CSA certified cord for your peace of mind.

The cord is designed to handle power tools and equipment rated 15 A, 125V, 1875W, and 60HZ

The TACKLELIFE power cord is one of the most versatile and flexible extension cords that makes your job much easier as it’s extra-long, tangle-free, and capable of powering high-power tools. It’s a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for something affordable.


·        Extra long cord
·        Tangle-free and high-quality retraction
·        Easy to mount anywhere
·        Hassle-free current protection for your power tools and equipment
·        Swivel mounting bracket allows it to rotate freely up to 180 degrees for efficient operation
·        Water and oil resistant
·        Sturdy construction


·        It’s quite heavy so it’s not very portable, but it is very sturdy

Alert 75Ft Roll Up Extension Cord

75 Feet

Alert 8675MFT Tri Tap Cord Reel

This single tap industrial retractable cord offers a tangle-free cord storage. This helps keep the cord out of the way while saving on space. Mount it on the wall or ceiling with the including mounting bracket for hassle-free storage.

The extra-long 75 feet long cord will supply power to your power tools wherever they are. The cord pulls out of the reel seamlessly and locks to the desired length and automatically retracts with just a slight pull on the cord. You don’t need to rewind it manually.

Using the unique Pro Reel quick-release mounting bracket, this cord reel can be easily mounted on the wall or garage ceiling with great ease. This helps get the cord out of the way when not in use.

The impact-resistant case keeps the power cord safe from damage and also makes it portable for hassle-free transportation.

The cord is rated 10A, 1250W, and 125V and features 3 outlets for using plugging multiple power tools/equipment simultaneously. The cord will safely handle a 10A load without tripping the circuit breaker.

Overall, if you’re looking for an extra-long and extra-durable power cord at an affordable price, the Alert 8675MFT Triple Tap Cord reel is an excellent choice.


·        Features a heavy-duty steel mounting bracket
·        Extra-long extension cable
·        Ideal for 10A power tools and equipment
·        The case is made of heavy-duty materials that is impact resistant for safe storage of the power cord
·        Features a triple tap with one locking outlet
·        Includes a power on LED indicator
·        Seamless retraction
·        Budget-friendly

Red and Black and Yellow extension cord reel of 80 feet

80 Feet

ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel Retractable

If you’re looking for an extra long extension cable, the ReelWorks cord reel is just what you need. At 80 feet, this cord brings power to your tools wherever they are.

Designed for high power tools/equipment, this cord will handle a 15amps load and will power equipment up 1875W. It also uses a 3-prong plug NEMA 5-15R/NEMA 5-15P, and adjustable cable stopper, a lead-in cord measuring 60 inches, and 2 non snag rollers.

Built to last, this commercial premium grade cord from ReelWorks is durable and comes with a tough cover that is resistant to water, oil, ozone, UV, alkalis, and even acids. It will also endure even the toughest temperatures it’s exposed to (-50 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius).

Unlike most cheap extension cords in the market, this cable is actually cETLus, Intertek GS Listed approved and certified and even cull quality tested so you can be sure you’re getting the safety, high-quality, and most durable product. 

It also features a new swivel bracket with two bolt mounting holes for hassle-free mounting on ceiling, wall, or floor. It also includes an LED light up connector as well as a fluorescent glow strip for working in the dark.

Although a little bit expensive, you’re looking at an extension cable with great functionality and durability. Being extra long makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as industrial applications.


·        Extra-long for further reach
·        Heavy-duty 12 gauge cord that safely handles tools and equipment rated 15A
·        Built with premium grade materials for safety and durability
·        Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
·        Reliable automatic retraction


·        A little pricier, but good quality

Best Retractable Extension Cord Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Retractable Extension Cords Work?

A retractable extension cord is set on rotating wheels which provide a compact storage space for the full length of the cord.

The cord reel uses a spring loaded rotating ratcheting mechanism that lets you easily retract the cord and store the entire length of the cord.

When the cord is pulled to its maximum length, you’ll feel some tension and won’t be able to pull it further without moving the tool/equipment closer. This helps prevent the cord from breaking due to excessive tension, thus reducing the risk of current leakage.

How Do You Fix a Retractable Extension Cord?

Unless you’re a qualified electrician, I don’t recommend fixing the cord on your own. Fixing an electric cord could lead to potential electrical hazards if done the wrong way. If something is wrong, you can always take it to an experienced electrician.

Best Retractable Extension Cord- Bottom Line

These are some of the best retractable extension cords in the market right now. They come in a wide range of lengths and input current so it’s important that you select the right one for your needs. Most of them are budget-friendly so if you’re on a tight budget, there is a suitable option for you.