Vietnam: An American History



Beginning as a whimper in the late 1950s, the Vietnam Conflict that ensnared an entire generation of Americans is among the least understood and most controversial conflicts in the history of the country. Vietnam: An American History by Time Life chronicles the conflict in breathtaking and heartbreaking detail over the course of three DVDs with narration by such familiar voices of the time as Walter Kronkite, Dan Rather, Morley Safer, and Ed Bradley. Witness the brutal combat that took the lives of tens of thousands of Americans as filmed by the brave newsmen that risked their lives (and sometimes gave them) so that Americans for generations to come could better understand the sacrifices made by brave GIs. Vietnam: An American History stands alone as perhaps the most honest, objective telling of the Vietnam War to be released on video. Its a must see for those that experienced the war either on the battlefield or from the homefront. Order Vietnam: An American History today and receive free shipping and the opportunity to expand your collection with other war documentaries available exclusively through Time Life Video.

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Vietnam:  An American History

Vietnam: An American History

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