Phase 4 Orthotics

Are achy pains preventing you from going out and enjoying life to its fullest? Phase 4 Orthotics are shoe inserts that have been designed to realign your body from the feet up! Simply slip the inserts in your shoes to eliminate pain in the lower body. Perfect for those who are on their feet all day, athletes, seniors or anyone suffering from back, knee and hip pain. Stop living with the pain and put your body back in balance with Phase 4! Offer includes: 1 pair of Phase 4 Insoles. Free Gifts: 10 day supply of Joint Ease and Soothing peppermint Lotion.

Who should use Phase 4 Orthotics?
Phase 4 Orthotics are perfect for:

  • Anyone with tired, aching feet
  • People who are on their feet all day
  • People with knee, hip or back pain*
  • Athletes
  • People with weight problems
  • Senior Citizens
  • Children

Why Phase 4 Orthotics?

Phase 4 Orthotics align your body"Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. Phase 4 Orthotics are shoe inserts engineered to help your feet maintain the alignment of the body. So we're not just talking about solving a foot problem with orthotics, we're talking about fixing a body problem.

If you're out of alignment, your whole body can suffer. The ankles break down, the knee bends inward, the hip drops, the back tries to compensate, straining muscles from the lower back to the shoulders. But with Phase 4 Orthotics, you can help realign the heel and ankle--the knees straighten, your hip realigns. You're putting your entire body in better balance with stability and comfort."  

I am not sure about what size Phase 4 Orthotics to order?
To get the correct size of your feet check the size on a proper fitting pair of leather dress shoes. Do not use the size of running shoes or sneakers, as they vary widely. If you do not have a pair of proper fitting dress shoes, go to any shoe store and ask them to measure your feet with a Branek device (the metal device that you put your feet on with sliding parts that measure you feet). The Branek device is an accurate way to determine your correct shoe size.

Only $19.95
plus $9.95 shipping and handling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less s&h)

Order Phase 4 Orthotics with our toll-free number, just
click to "Order Online" and the 800 number is listed on the order page.

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Phase 4 Orthotics

Phase 4 Orthotics

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