Charlton Heston The Bible

Shot in the Holy Land, each inspirational video in the "Charlton Heston Presents the Bible" Collection allows you to experience the power and drama of some of the most moving stories in mankind's history. With messages in tune with today, this video library captures all the beauty and glory the original storytellers bestowed upon these tales. Beautifully photographed with a rich, musical score, these one-of-a-kind videos have been blessed by both a priest and a rabbi and include a certificate of endorsement. Offer includes: 4 one hour videos (Volume 1: Genesis, Volume 2: The Story of Moses, Volume 3: Jesus of Nzareth and Volume 4: The Passion), The Family Companion Book, Musical Score Audiocassette (60 minutes), Selected Psalms Audiocassette (30 Minutes), Genuine Leather Bookmark, Certificate of Endorsement & a Personal Letter signed by Charlton Heston. Free Gift: The Life and Teachings of Jesus Audiocassette.

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Charlton Heston The Bible

Charlton Heston The Bible

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Charlton Heston The Bible

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