Bun & Thigh MAX

Bun & Thigh MAX features advanced technology and a compact size designed to perform exercises like the calf press, single leg press, inner thigh exercise, outer thigh exercise, and reverse leg kick with one machine. You'll be amazed at how the Bun & Thigh MAX will help firm and shape your body in just minutes a day. The Bun & Thigh MAX is so easy to use, there's no reason not to pull the Bun & Thigh MAX while watching television. You can store the Bun & Thigh MAX just about anywhere and all you need to use it is a chair. We're so confident you'll enjoy the Bun & Thigh MAX we're offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

Product includes:
* Bun & Thigh MAX, The Bun & Thigh MAX Guide to Healthy Eating, The Bun & Thigh MAX Circuit Training and Aerobic Video and The "5 Minutes a Day to Take Your Inches Away" video.

10 Day Supply of MaxCell.

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Only $59.98
plus $19.95 shipping and handling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)

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Bun & Thigh MAX

Bun & Thigh MAX

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Bun & Thigh MAX

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